Terms of Purchase and Refund

Buying-selling provisions. Legal notice

1. General provisions.
1.1. These supply contract rules (the “Rules”) are parts of a legally binding document which outline the Buyer and the Seller’s rights and obligations, the acquisition of items, payment for them in terms of delivery, return procedures and other responsibilities.
1.2. The Seller remains the right to change, make corrections or supplement the rules, regarding the requirements that are set by legal acts. The Buyer is informed at the webpage of the e-shop. The Rules applied to the order during the purchase at the e-shop, are also applied to the Buyer.
1.3. To buy at the online store has the right:
1.3.1. Proactive persons, i. e. persons of full age whose activity is not limited to a court order;
1.3.2. Minors between 14 and 18 years of age, with parents or guardians, except when they dispose of their own income;
1.3.3. Juridical persons;
1.3.4. All the representatives of the persons indicated above.
1.4. The Seller, confirming the Rules, guarantee that regarding point 1.3. of the Rules the Buyer has the right to purchase at the e-shop.
1.5. The agreement between the Buyer and the Seller may be concluded from the moment the Buyer formed a shopping cart at e-shop, specified delivery address, selected payment method and having familiarized with the Rules of Seller, clicked on “Confirm the order” (see point 5 “Item order, prices, payment rules, terms”).
1.6. Each agreement, made between the Seller and the Buyer, is preserved at e-shop for 1 year from the date of the order.
1.7. The Seller is not responsible and does not compensate any damage that is made if the Buyer did not pursued the provisions indicated by the Rules.


2. Personal data protection.
2.1. To order the item at the particular e-shop the Buyer can:
2.1.1. By registering at e-shop when giving the data that is required;
2.1.2. By not registering at e-shop.
2.2. The Buyer ordering the item, regarding to the means provided by point 2.1., has to fill in the information fields by giving: one’s name, surname, item delivery address, telephone number and e-mail.
2.3. The Buyer, having confirmed the Rules, agrees with the disposal of the given personal data on purpose of provided items and service at e-shop, the Sellerʾs activity analysis and direct marketing.
2.4. Having agreed with the disposal of the Buyer’s personal data on the e-system of the particular e-shop, the Buyer agrees to receive notifications which are requisite to complete the order.
2.5. The Buyer undertakes the responsibility not to transfer to the third parties one’s login information. If the provision of the Rules is set at naught, the Buyer undertakes all the responsibility. If the log data has been given to the third parties or lost, the Seller must be informed immediately. In the case of giving the log data to the third parties, the Seller has the right to block the Buyer’s log. For re-registration matter the Buyer and the Seller can agree individually.


3. The Buyer’s rights and obligations.
3.1. The Buyer has the right to purchase items at e-shop www.manly-womanly.com according to these Rules and other e-store information.
3.2. The Buyer has the right to cancel buying-selling agreement managed by e-shop informing the Seller of this matter in written notification (e-mail) and indicating the item and its order number not later than within 7 business days from the date of the delivery, except the case when the agreement cannot be canceled according to the laws of LR.
3.3. The Buyer may use the provision indicated by point 3.2. of the Rules only if the product has not been damaged, its appearance has not changed or it has not been used.
3.4. The Buyer undertakes the responsibility for the ordered item and the agreed payment for it.
3.5. If the registration data of the Buyer changes, the information must be updated immediately.
3.6. The Buyer undertakes the responsibility not to transfer to the third parties one’s login information. If the log data is lost, the Seller (see “Contacts”) must be informed immediately via the given means of communication.
3.7. The Buyer, using particular e-shop, agrees with the buying-selling Rules, undertakes the responsibility to pursue them and not to offend the juridical acts of LR.


4. The Seller’s rights and obligations.
4.1. The Seller agrees to allow full access to the Buyer properly to www.manly-womanly.com online shopping services.
4.2. If the Buyer is trying to undermine the stability of the work of the particular e-shop and its security or is in breach of its obligations, the Seller has the right to immediately and without notice restrict, suspend or revoke the Buyer’s ability to buy.
4.3. The Seller agrees to respect the privacy of the Buyer, not to share personal information of the Buyer and not to transfer the registration data to the third parties.
4.4. The Seller undertakes the responsibility to deliver the item to the given address. The expenses of the delivery are paid by the Buyer according to the price agreed. If the Buyer requests, the item can be retaken by oneself at the Sellerʾs shop or other place indicated by the Seller.


5. Purchase order, prices, payment arrangements and terms.
5.1. E-shop purchasers can buy 7 days a week, 24 hours daily.
5.2. The agreement is settled from the moment when the Buyer clicks on the button “Confirm the order”, and the Seller, having received the order, confirms it by sending an e-mail to the Buyer.
5.3. The prices of the items at e-shop are indicated by EURO, including the VAT.
5.4. The Buyer can pay for the item by any of these means:
5.4.1. Prepayment via banks (e-banking system): “SEB” bank, AB “Swedbank”, “DNB Nord” bank; “Parex” bank; “Ūkio bankas”; “Danske” bank; “Nordea” bank. The money is transferred to the payment account of the particular e-shop. The particular bank resides the responsibility for the data security.
5.4.2. The payment via bank transfer is a prepayment when the Buyer, having printed the order and delivered it to the nearest bank department, transfer the money to the account of the particular e-shop.
5.4.3. The payment via e-banking system mokėjimai.lt. In this case you do not have to fill the payment form under the requisites indicated; the form will be filled automatically. You will sign in to your bank via e-banking system mokėjimai.lt.
5.4.4. The payment by cash. You can pay when the courier delivers the item to the address indicated or you can retake the item at its delivery place.
5.5. The Buyer undertakes the responsibility to pay immediately. Having received the payment, the item package is being formed, and the term of the item delivery is being counted.


6. Delivery.
6.1. The Buyer, having selected the item delivery service, undertakes the responsibility to indicate the correct item delivery location.
6.2. The Buyer undertakes the responsibility to retake the item oneself. If the item has been delivered to the address indicated, and the Buyer cannot retake the item oneself, the Buyer has no right to claim about the delivery to the wrong subject.
6.3. The item is delivered by the Seller or by the representative commissioned (courier).
6.4. The Seller delivers the item within 1-5 business days from the payment day. The term is preliminary and not applicated in those cases when the Seller does not have the item in one’s shop store, and the Buyer is informed about the deficient item. The Buyer accepts that in the exceptional cases the item delivery can fall behind schedule, depending on the circumstances that do not pertain to the Seller’s responsibility. In this case the Seller undertakes the responsibility to contact the Buyer and agree for the item delivery conditions.
6.5. In all cases the Seller is released from the responsibility corresponding to the transgression of the item delivery term, if the item is not delivered at all or delivered at the time (due to the circumstances beyond the Seller) that was not agreed.
6.6. The Buyer must notify the Seller immediately if the shipment is creased or the package has been damaged, if received in a lot of unsolicited items or inadequate amount of incomplete items equipment.
6.7. In all cases, if noticed any package damage, the Buyer must indicate the damage in the document of the delivery or draw up a report about the damage. All the indications or reports about the damage of the item package must be registered when the courier is participant. The Seller is released from the responsibility of the package damage if the damage was not indicated by the Seller in the document of the delivery.


7. Product quality guarantee.
7.1. The data of each item that is sold at the particular e-shop is given in the description of that particular item.
7.2. The Seller is not responsible for any mismatches between the real product and its color, form or other parameters seen in the photo at the webpage of the e-shop because of the specific qualities of the Buyer’s monitor.
7.3. The Seller provides a quality assurance for the particular item; the term and other provisions of the quality assurance are given in the description of such item.
7.4. If the Seller does not provide a quality assurance for the particular item, the quality assurance that is given by particular legal acts is applied.


8. Item return and exchange.
8.1. Sold item damage is eliminated, non-quality item exchanged or returned according to the rules validated by the act 2001-06-29 Nr. 217, provided by the minister of economy of LR, except those cases when it is not possible to end the agreement due to the laws of LR (for more information see European Consumer Centre at www.vartotojucentras.lt, food products return and exchange peculiarities. In all cases the money for the returned item is transferred to the Payer’s bank account.
8.2. To return the item, regarding point 8.1. of the Rules, the Buyer has the right within 14 business days from the delivery day; the Seller must be informed by the means given in the section “Contacts”, specifying the item’s name, order number and returning reason.
8.3. The Buyer, if returning the item, must obey these rules:
8.3.1. The item must be in an original non-damaged package;
8.3.2. The item must be non-damaged by the Buyer;
8.3.3. The item must not be used, have lost its marketable appearance (non-damaged labels, protective skins, etc.). This point is not applied if the item is non-quality);
8.3.4. The item must have its primal set;
8.3.5. If returning the item, its purchase document must be given.
8.4. The Seller has the right not to accept the Buyer’s returned item if the Buyer has not followed rules of point 8.3.
8.5. When returning the delivered wrong or non-qualify item, the Seller undertakes the responsibility to replace such item with an appropriate similar one.
8.6. If the Seller has no suitable replacement item, the Buyer shall be reimbursed for the amount, including the price for the delivery.